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On Saturday, October 23rd , 2 to 4 PM Author Bruce Bradley be holding a book signing in the lounge at the National Hotel in Nevada City, CA for his new book “DRELLIKS” and for his book “HUGH GLASS”.

“DRELLIKS” is a paranormal thriller which takes place in current time along the Mendocino Coast, where a series of horrifying disappearances have begun to take place.

“HUGH GLASS” covers seven years in the life of a man who, in 1817, was given the choice to join a pirate crew or die. From that time on his life became an adventure that few could comprehend and even fewer, survive.

Escaping from the pirates off Galveston Island, he was then captured by Pawnee Indians, with whom he lived for four years. Eventually returning to civilization, he joined the Rocky Mountain Fur Company…and stepped into history as the man who was mauled by a grizzly, robbed of his gear and left to die hundreds of miles from civilization. This is the true story that inspired the movie, “THE REVENANT”.

Bruce Bradley is a retired winemaker and author of six books. His article “13 Major Facts ‘The Revenant’ Got Wrong” appeared in the May 2016 issue of “TRUE WEST” magazine.

1858 Grass Valley), “The Seeds Of Darkness” (paranormal thriller), “The Tribe” (Other books by Bradley are: “The Last Jaguar” (historical fiction that takes place in Supernatural Thriller) and “25 Things You Should Know About Wine” (non-fiction—wine history, chemistry and personal anecdotes).