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By Karen Newell Young / Stacy Drake
California Solar, KVMR raise funds for Divine Spark
California Solar Electric Company teamed up with community radio station KVMR to match donations made by KVMR members for Divine Spark, a nonprofit that helps the homeless in western Nevada County.

The initiative raised $2,000 that will be used to help provide nutritious meals to the hungry in Nevada County.

KVMR Membership Coordinator Adriana Kelly was the mastermind behind the idea of integrating a business partner to give a separate gift to a local organization.

“KVMR members understand that community radio is the infrastructure which so many nonprofits rely on to get their message out,” Kelly said. “This way, every gift, great and small, to support community radio came with a pledge from California Solar to provide a meal for a hungry person through Divine Spark’s good work.”

When California Solar learned about the idea, the Grass Valley business immediately got on board.

“As a locally owned and operated business, we are committed to supporting the people and organizations in our community,” Lars Ortegren, president of California Solar, said. “This was a small but impactful way for us to help make a difference.”

In addition to feeding the hungry and helping the homeless in a variety of ways, Divine Spark works to find emergency housing for those who are sick or terminally ill and need help.

“We are so appreciative of the community, especially California Solar and KVMR whose compassion and caring have provided so much for the homeless in need of services,” said Shirley Kinghorn, volunteer executive director for Divine Spark, which is in Nevada City.